Upper Falls, West Virginia Geographic Features

Upper Falls

The Upper Falls of Coal River.

Upper Falls Populated Place

Neighborhood surrounding the Upper Falls.

Upper Falls Census Designated Place

The largest unincorporated community in West Virginia. Includes Angel Fork, Browns Creek, Chestnut Point, Coal River, Dry Ridge, Falls Creek, Ferrell, Gore, Indian Head, River Bend, Smith Creek, Thomas Branch and of course, Upper Falls.

Upper Falls Beach

Natural sand beach on the western bank of Coal River at Upper Falls.

Upper Falls Bottom

Upper Falls Valley, or the part of the Coal River Valley centered around Upper Falls.

Upper Falls Cemetery

Community cemetery overlooking Upper Falls.

Upper Falls Channel

Channel used for commercial navigation on Coal River during the era of steam-powered tugboats. Immediately downstream from Upper Falls Lock.

Upper Falls Crossing

Railroad crossing on Smith Creek Road at John Peter Salling Memorial Bridge, just south of Upper Falls Station (historical).

Upper Falls Dam

Dam on Coal River at Upper Falls that once supported commercial navigation of the river as well as the operation of Upper Falls Gristmill (historical).

Upper Falls Gristmill (historical)

Gristmill at Upper Falls, established by Joseph Thomas around 1800 and operated until the 1930s.

Upper Falls Intersection

Highway intersection of Coal River Road and Smith Creek Road, on the western bank of Coal River at John Peter Salling Memorial Bridge.

Upper Falls Landing

Natural river landing on Coal River just below the Upper Falls on its eastern bank.

Upper Falls Lock

Navigation lock at Upper Falls that was used to support commercial navigation of Coal River and operated adjacent to Upper Falls Dam.

Upper Falls Lockmaster House (historical)

Residence of the Upper Falls lockmaster and boyhood home of United States Senator John Edward Kenna.

Upper Falls Point

Natural point extending from the eastern bank of Coal River, providing a spectacular view of the Upper Falls.

Upper Falls Sandbar

Prominent sandbar in Coal River, immediately below the Upper Falls.

Upper Falls Sawmill (historical)

Steam-powered sawmill developed at Upper Falls around 1850 by Edward Kenna.

Upper Falls Siding

Railroad siding on the Coal River main line, just north of Upper Falls Station (historical).

Upper Falls Station (historical)

Once-bustling railroad station that served Upper Falls with daily passenger and freight service beginning in 1904.

Upper Falls Walking Trail

Recreational trail along the eastern bank of Coal River at the Upper Falls.


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